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PA Mini Steam Bun Pumpkin (9pcs x 30gm) PA 迷你金瓜小笼包 (9粒 x 30克)

RM 9.00
PA Mini Steam Bun Pumpkin (9pcs x 30gm) PA 迷你金瓜小笼包 (9粒 x 30克) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Fluffy steamed dough stuffed with a sweet pumpkin filling.

Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly | 适合素食者
Cook From Frozen | 无需解冻
Artificial Preservative Free | 无人造防腐剂
Artificial Colouring Free | 无人造色素
Artificial Flavouring Free | 无人造香精
Trans Fat Free | 不含反式脂肪

Ingredients / 原料:
Dough / 皮:
Wheat Flour, Water, Sugar, Vegetable Oil and Yeast.

面粉, 水,糖,植物油及酵母

Filling / 馅料:
Pumpkin Paste


Allergy Advice / 过敏建议:
Contains Wheat Gluten / 含小麦面筋

Cooking Instructions / 烹调方式:
Steaming / 蒸:
1. Remove the wrapper and arrange on a plate.
2. Steam approximately 10 minutes over boiling water and serve
1. 取下包装袋并放在盘子上
2. 蒸约10分钟即可食用

Microwave / 微波炉:
1. Remove from freezer. do not defrost remove the wrapper.
2. Put it in microwave (900 W), sprinkle with water and put a cup of water together.
3. Heat at high power, cook for 1 minute and let it rest inside the microwave for 2 minutes.
4. It is advisable to consume within 5 minutes.
1. 从冰箱中取出,无需解冻
2. 放入微波炉中(900W),洒上水再将一杯水放在一起
3. 高温煮一分钟,然后置放在微波炉里静置2分钟
4. 建议在5分钟以内食用

Deep Fry / 油炸:
1. Heat oil 140°C.
2. Do not defrost, remove the wrapper. Cook for about 3 minutes until golden brown. Turn frequently to achieve even colour thoroughly.
3. Drain oil and serve.
1. 预热油温至140摄氏度.
2. 冰箱取出,无需解冻直接下油锅炸大约3分钟至金黄色,经常转动以确保颜色均匀
3. 沥干油即可上桌


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