P.A. Food is a leading family-owned Malaysian frozen food supplier and manufacturer specialising in Asian flatbread, steamed buns, Asian pastry snacks, sauces and food pastes. We supply to a variety of industries and markets around the world, delivering premium quality shelf stabled frozen food to enterprising food industry professionals and quality-conscious consumers. Founded in 1985 by Mr Ding Hong Sing, P.A. Food’s spirit of sharing and openness began with Mr Ding’s creation of Malaysia’s first-ever halal steam bun. Building on his early success, he expanded P.A. Food’s offering to Asian pastries, sauces, and a variety of other Malaysian staples. Our headquarters and primary factory can be found in the Town of Kajang, a town steeped in food heritage, and world-famous for its chicken satay. And like most other places in Malaysia, it is also where you can find a myriad of delicious, authentic Malaysian dishes.