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Dapur Kitchen Sambal (2 Cups 100g) Dapur Kitchen 叁巴酱 (2杯 x 100克)


Aromatic with a good hit of spicy. Sambal is an essential part of the Malaysian signature dish Nasi Lemak.

Cook From Frozen | 无需解冻
Artificial Preservative Free | 无人造防腐剂
Artificial Colouring Free | 无人造色素

Ingredients / 材料:

Red Onion, Palm Oil, Dried Chili, Shallot, Sugar, Garlic, Tamarin, Lemongrass, Shrimp Paste, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate.


Allergy Advice / 过敏建议:

Contains Crustaceans / 含甲壳类

Cooking Instruction / 烹调方式:

Microwave / 微波炉:
1. Do not defrost. 

2.Make some small holes on the plastic cup cover. 

3. Microwave for about 2 minutes.

1. 无需解冻

2. 在杯盖上戳一些小孔,方便透气

3. 放进微波炉2分钟

Steam / 蒸:
1. Do not defrost. 

2. Steam for about 15 minutes.

1. 无需解冻

2. 蒸大约15分钟


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