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UPASTRY CHEF Spring Roll Pastry - 5" (50 Sheets) 春卷皮5寸 (50张)

Elastic, moisture resistant, flat wheat pastry. Can be used for spring rolls and other recipes.


UPASTRY CHEF Sping Roll Pastry 5 Inch / 春卷皮 5寸

Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly | 素食

Artificial Preservative Free | 无人造防腐剂

Artificial Colouring Free | 无人造色素

Artificial Flavouring Free | 无人造香精

Trans Fat Free |不含反式脂肪

Easy Peel | 容易撕

Ingredients / 原料:
Wheat Flour, Water, Soya Bean Oil, and Salt.


Allergy Advice:

Contains Wheat Gluten and Soy.

Cooking Instructions/ 烹调方式:
1. Remove pastry from freezer and defrost for 30 minutes.

2. Peel off pastry sheet according to cooking requirement and cover with a clean, moist cloth to prevent dryness.

3. Repack unused pastry and store in freezer.

1. 从冰箱取出,解冻15-30分钟备用

2. 准备一张湿布覆盖在春卷皮上方,以保持产品的湿度

3. 剩下的春卷皮请包好放进封密的包装里,然后放进冰箱

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